Bilderberg Financial provides services as an end buyer of notes as well as coordinator for the notes that we do not purchase directly. We have the ability to get your note in front of hundreds of buyers in our network in just minutes. Tell us what you are trying to achieve and together with our nationwide network of investors, will help you convert your cash flow assets into lump sum payments to meet your goals, in most cases with no cost to you, the note seller. We work with private investors and national companies to buy and broker notes nationwide. Most people within the last few years have accepted a trust deed, mortgage, or a note, as part of the proceeds of a real estate sale. A real estate note is a promise to pay a debt, with the promise secured by a mortgage, trust deed or contract. Such a note, when properly constructed can be sold to raise immediate CASH. When you sold your property would you have preferred to receive CASH instead of the Trust Deed, Mortgage, or Land Contract you are now holding? If you are receiving payments on a note secured by real estate it’s not too late, you do not have to wait. You can receive CASH NOW for your note or just sell a partial and the remaining balance when you decide!

Custom Purchase Option

Get the cash you need now by selling upcoming payments. A partial purchase allows you to get the note back along with any remaining payments. Either way, you will receive a lump sum of cash now.

Get A Free Quote

Once you have made the decision to sell all or a portion of the note and have provided us with the details we will send you a quote and can expect your lump sum in about 7 working days.

No upfront Cost

Getting started is simple and you pay nothing upfront for the appraisal which reflects the current market value of your payments and We even offer a $500 cash incentive if you sell your note to us.

Bilderberg Financial specializes in purchasing Seller-Financed Notes, for ALL CASH. This allows you to receive a lump sum of CASH immediately, as opposed to the monthly payments you are currently receiving. We are a private family owned investment company that will personalize our service to meet your needs. We can custom tailor a transaction to meet your needs. We can purchase just a few of the payments, while you still control the deed! The process of selling all or part of your note is very simple for you, because we do all of the work. We pay the highest possible prices and you pay nothing – no “fees”, no “points”, no “closing costs”. That’s right, you pay nothing!

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Dr. Judy Preston

She has an experience of 5+ years in cardiology fields. With specialization in diagnosing and treating diseases of the heart and blood vessels—the cardiovascular system, 

Dr. Pascal Haas

Dr. Pascal Haas is one of the best Neurologists. She has had many happy patients in her 10+ years of journey as a Neurologist. She is a qualified DM – Neurology

Dr. Robert Berger

He is the best nephrologist and kidney specialist with over 10+ years of experience. Over these 10+ years of journey, he has had a thousands of happy patients.

Dr. Carmen Peter

Dr. Carmen Peter is best known for all his successful surgeries and satisfied clients. He is been into this ophthalmology from last 25 years.